If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Think twice before you throw something away — it could be made into something even cooler. There are plenty of ways you can upcycle something old into something useful and entirely unrecognizable. Here are some of the best new uses for old things.

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  • Common outdoor furniture buying mistakes

    As consumers, we've definitely got more savvy, more discerning about the quality of our outdoor furniture over the last decade or so. But that said, many of us still make mistakes. I know I have.

  • Why Lazy Susan blog?

    The Lazy Susan blog has been up and running for around 6 years or so. We've invested a considerable amount of time in the content we publish. So I wanted to try and explain in a little more

  • The must visit home and garden exhibitions 2018

    At Lazy Susan we've always been fans of home and garden exhibitions. It is a great way to get out there, engage with consumers, see what the competition is doing, and just get a feel for what's

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