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Napoleon Bonaparte

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I've been thinking a lot about apples lately.
At first it was just, "I want to create a vignette with apples, real apples and I'm not going to add any artificial elements this time and then I could..... blah, blah, blah."  Every home decor blogger reading this knows that train of thought. 
During all these visions of apples dancing in my head, our youngest got sick with strep throat and some kind of upper respiratory virus on top of that. Nothing that can't be handled with antibiotics and some tender love and care...but no mom likes to see her little one (she's still my little one even if she's 3 inches taller than me) sick.  
Because of this, all through the end of last week and the beginning of this week the old adage, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," kept running through my mind. 
And then, at 1:00 this morning, I did what I always do when I can't sleep. I scrolled down the pictures on Pinterest.  I stopped scrolling when I saw a particularly appealing outdoor fall tablescape. "Gotta see who created this eye candy," I thought and so off I went to visit the creator's blog.

The beautiful picture was there.  But there was also a post from last week about the blogger's struggles with lung cancer and how the experimental drug wasn't working anymore. Now she will try chemotherapy again. 
I wish there was an apple I could give her to keep the cancer away. I wish the cure was as simple as that for her and all who have to fight these serious battles for their health. 
I know you feel the same way too about all the people you know or maybe only read about.  The people... the three year old little girl you know with neuroblastoma or the young mother with lung cancer you read about. The dear people who aren't allowed to take their health for granted because it's all one can think about when it's in question.
There is no apple to give to make it all go away.  So we pray. And this time when we pray, it's not the"I'm checking in, God, and here's my list" prayer. It's the "there are no words, but You hear my heart. Please listen to my heart, God" prayer. 
And even when our minds are preoccupied with little vignettes and life's trivialities, our hearts are steadfast and pray these silent prayers.  These prayers we know to be more fruitful than any apple we could offer.
Heart prayers for your good health, dear friends.

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25 July 2021

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