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Blue, Green and Mama Hazel

Well, it takes some of us longer than others to get our decorating mojo going. The console in our foyer is always a place of decorating  joy and frustration for me. That's kind of like most things in life... the things that bring the most joy usually bring a little frustration at times too (the image of me sheepishly trying to get a moon pie open at midnight when everyone else is asleep comes to mind). Sometimes with decorating you know the "feel" you want, but the elements to bring that feeling about just don't seem to fall into place. And then you find a picture frame that you love and you know just what picture you want to put in it.
This is a frame that I found in Davidson, NC and knew this picture of my husband's grandmother (Mama Hazel) with some of her cousins was just the picture to place in the blue and ivory washed frame. The picture was taken in the mid 1920s. Mama Hazel is the sweet little girl on the far left.
Then I found these vintage books at The Depot antique mall in the colors I love.

When I returned home I remembered the two olive colored candle holders I had stored in this very console. I pulled them out and added the battery operated candles that my mother gave me and some rolls of thread (which just so happen to have been pulled out of the mill where The Depot is now located) to this lantern which I already had.
Then I went up to the storage room and brought down this lamp that actually made it through our fire several years ago. I had a little trouble finding a lampshade for it until I remembered Lowe's has a good selection... and voila, an old lamp with a new lampshade. 
I lucked into a rug that was 25 percent off an already marked down price at TJ Maxx in just the right colors.... and all of the sudden the look was coming together.
Now I know this look may be a little too linear for some, but I'm happy with it. It's also the soft look of blue, green and sweet Mama Hazel that I needed after all the Christmas decor was finally down.
And I think the new colors on the console tie in well the colors in the great room. See the "something here" above the pictures over the sofa. That's because I'm looking for something to go on this tall wall that many of us try to deal with.
This table is also in the great room and has a bowl  and framed butterfly with the same soft blues on the console.
The hydrangea filled vase on the console complements this chair backing up to the staircase in the great room.
So there you have it.... a redone, refeathered console in the foyer....finally!

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25 July 2021

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